Hi , this is my first ever blog post in a long line to come about programming languages and tech stuff. First let me tell you where you are and who I am .Pursuing  B.E. from a mid level Technical University and even against their best effort to kill my interest in learning, I still am interested and if you are reading this that means you are also .I understand that you are a newbie in programming , let me say right off the bat ,learning to program from scratch is like  riding a bicycle .Except the road is on fire and so are you .

But believe me it doesn’t have to be like that, all you need is an open mind and accept the fact that you really don’t ducking know anything.That is the first step on a long road in order to let the stuff inside your head .Once you do there is no stopping you, all you now need is a closed room , a fast internet connection(helps) and some time with yourself which I assume you have .

Through this blog I’m going to be talking about various things, I want to share with you and all the things I want to learn and things you should learn ,where to learn them and what you need to do in order to  master those,but remember sometimes even I have no idea what I am talking about so you have to bear with me .Also you can read my bio somewhere in this website to know what motivates me to write all this (P.S-I will write it after I finish writing this ,so you can imagine how much foresight  I have ).



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