Hello guys this  is Ishank from Infidroid tech and today i’m going to be talking about Mobile application development.

The term application development is often used to refer to the activity of computer programming, which is the process of writing and maintaining the source code,for mobile devices  . Therefore, application development may include research, new development, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in the finished application.

Now i know what i just said is a bit boring and hard to understand.But here i am trying to explain all of that.So let’s see ,today smartphones are everywhere ,everyone has either iphone ,android, windows phone or Blackberry(Blackberry it takes the smart out of smartphones) or they use pc or laptop

In each case there’s a different oprating sys different app , thus each have

their own developers network and one person can spend a life time one any of these

platforms.I will try to explain all of them along with why or why you shouldn’t do these

Let’s start with mobile application development

Here you can larn three things

  • Android Development.
  • IOS Development.
  • Windows Mobile Development.

Primarily as an android developer i am inclined to android but other platforms are

also highly sought out in the app development job market.

The reason is mainly because of the open source nature of android or windows, while as a user perspective is better, but when it comes to monetization IOS is far better reason is because ios users are far more likely to purchase apps/do in app purchases/

for eg. you may dread that your favourite song cost 20Rs on iTUNES but this is good news for the publisher of that song and due to their security you cant even download music, while you can pretty much do anything in android but,this just forces the developer to include ads in the apps causing user experience to go down while you can argue WHATSAPP or other app don’t have ads

but there’s a reason for that as they have other methods for example the primary source of their revenue is said to be from data mining and targeted ads according to some , which I’m not sure is fair.


So you now that you will decide which platform to choose to start lets see what will be tools of your development.

For Android :A modest pc is enough ,a software called android studio , mostly android apps are written in java for coding and XML for UI,so core java is highly sought after in android developer.


Whole framework of android studio is open source thus makes your development easy

there are more tutorials and sample codes for android are available for android than you can count.

To publish an app you make a one time payment of $25 on the GOOGLE play store and then  you can publish any application, literally anything even a non-working one this is due to their lax in quality check though they have tightened it but still it has its disadvantages


Windows : If you’ve previously developed .NET or XAML apps, you can transfer these skills to develop Windows Phone apps that use XAML for the UI and C# or Visual Basic for the code. If you know C++, you can develop a Direct3D app for Windows Phone 8 in that language to take full advantage of the phone’s graphics hardware

the problem with win is that their market share is not that great when compared to android or IPHONE, so i wouldn’t recommend going into this



Now Lets see what do i have to do if i have to make an IOS app firstly I wouldn’t recommend anyone not serious to go here as it requires some capital investment



i.e. First i needed some MAC machine all upwards of 1000$ you can use virtual software like Machack but visualization is a heavy task and any win PC<1000$ wont be supporting it easily still if you want to there is a problem with that too because apple is very strict about their app store and will probably easily filter out such apps so I highly recommend that you buy a mac if you are dead seriouys on making native IOS apps, doesn’t have to be an expensive one just try to aim IOS 9 or above.

persiancat choose
When I heard about Apple’s App store policies.


In the following video I have explained how to get into all of these technology

and a bonus alternative to all of them ,YES! you read it right there is an alternative if you want to develop apps for all of them but you are  one lazy ass person to learn all of them and l am   one of them so hope you like that .Watch the video and tell me your own view of what you want to do and where you want to go .My official recommendation is Android if you really area beginner and just want to learn ,IOS if you have some proper coding experience and serious about it.

Hope you all like this .





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