The first thing you see about any product is the logo , and yes it is the first and the last impression of it . So you might be surprised on how much successful product spend on them and overall look . Laymen user does not only cares about the functionality of the product but also the aesthetics of the application that’s why big companies hire a teams of designers and spends thousands of dollars on things as simple as a logo .For example you might think what a UI/UX or a product designer might be doing in a company like Apple

However you  might be surpriesd to hear that apple designers are some of the highest paid individual in this field their  product design engineers has a salary of  $116,000(approx)

where the phones they excrete are like this iphoneevolution

So now that you know that the design is equally important lets get a quick tutorail on how to make a material design logo in Photoshop anything else is explained in the video



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